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Seize the Flavor

Insomnia serve the finest all natural highest quality powdered Kava Root, Kava Concentrates, Coffee , CBD, Delts 8, Art, Clothing Apparel and Tobacco. We have built our company on the foundation to ensure that our customers get the highest quality, FDA compliant Kava products on the market. Our main objective is to provide you the finest products for a natural mind and body relaxation. 

We have built connections with trustworthy and highly skilled suppliers and source all our products directly from their places of origin. We regularly test and analyze to ensure that we only consume the finest, pure and noble roots with the most desirable effects.

From serving only the highest grade Kava Elixir, to providing outstanding customer service, competitive pricing and free shipping anywhere, we do feel that we can say “We Are Insomnia”.

Insomnia is proud to offer an exclusive 10% discount on all our products to students and veterans.

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